Basic PAYE Tools - warnings for previous years (2023)

9th Jul 2021

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How to resolve warning messages and if I don't, will it cause issues further down the line

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Hello everyone,

I have been tasked with running payroll and I am very new to it. After my first run, a client got back to mesaying that they had a new employee start during the period the payroll was run for. In consequence, the dataof the new employee was not submitted to HMRC.

We use third-party software to make RTI submissions, the support team of the softwareadvised that I could make an additional submission for this one employeeusing Basic PAYE Tools. Icouldnot find what this type of submission is called, but I also wonder if I could use Moneysoft to do it.Once this submission has beenmade, they wouldbe able to make adjustments in their softwareso that next month's payroll run is correct (although I think this can be done regardless of when the additional submission has been made as long as it is made before the next payroll run).

Now, I have a problem with Basic Toolsin that I am copletely unfamiliar with it, and the user guide does not seem to offer any guidance in reference to my questions.

We only use Basic Tools to submit information to HMRC that a payroll scheme has ceased and the below,from what I can see. When I go into the software, I get two warning messages relating to two different clients:

1. One relates to an outstanding EPS submission for claiming Employment Allowance for 2019/20. However, the employer is not eligible anyway and my assumption is that the software was only used to check if they were eligible in the first place, but I cannot be sure.

2. This one relates to a client that we no longer act for and is also for claiming Employment Allowance for 2019/20, but this one is showing aseligible.

I still need to install the update as the software is not showing 2021/22.

I also need to tick a box when I open Basic Tools: "I understand that my submissions will failif I do not carry out the employee/employer actions"- does this mean that anysubmissions for these two employers will fail if I do not carry out the employer actions or that any submissions relating to anyclient and any year will fail?

What would the consequences be if I did/did not make these submissions and would I be able to update to 2021/22 if I did not submit these? Although, I assume that I may have to submit the one for theclient in point we mayeventually cease theirpayroll scheme. Or, perhaps, can I make this additional submission in Moneysoft?

I hope I am not tooinoherent and that I have provided enough detail. Iwould be gratefulfor any tips.

Kind regards

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Replies (8)

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Basic PAYE Tools - warnings for previous years (7)

By SXGuy

09th Jul 2021 11:48

Why are you using basic tools and moneysoft?

Why can't you do everything you need through moneysoft alone?

I'd be very caucious of using two different payroll programs to file info.

Forgetting the fact the data may be wrong, you could end up with hmrc thinking there's two payroll schemes and changing everyone's tax code to take too much tax.

Stick with one or the other.

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Replying to SXGuy:

Basic PAYE Tools - warnings for previous years (8)

By MinimalDamage

09th Jul 2021 12:07

(Video) Timesaver:RTI - How to submit an earlier year update EYU.

Thanks for your reply. Sorry, I didn't make it clear what the third-party software was.

We use FreeAgent to run payroll, but the software currently does not allow to make additional submissions in instances like these, so their support team advised to use Basic Tools. We only use Basic Tools to cease payroll schemes as far as I am aware.

We use Moneysoft to run payroll for one client, which I am not involved in, and to generate pension letters etc...

I understand that the submission I would be making would only show one employee anyway (although I can be wrong), i.e. the one that was missed off the RTI submission in FreeAgent, otherwise what would be the point of making this additional submission if the other data could simply be corrected in FreeAgent and automatically submitted when next month's payroll is run?

Also, the employer I need to make the submission for is currently not in Basic Tools, so I would have o add them first.

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Replying to MinimalDamage:

Basic PAYE Tools - warnings for previous years (9)

By SXGuy

09th Jul 2021 14:28

I'd suggest not using free agent for payroll and using moneysoft.

All you'd need to do is correct past pay and submit your next fps to correct it.

Or if needed you can send an eps or e

Id be very careful submitting anything through basic tools that didn't include all other employees incase it overwrites previous submission data.
Although I'm not sure whether it would as I believe submissions work on a cumulative basis and not an overwriting one.

Sorry I can't help more, as I don't use basic tools.

Thanks (1)

Replying to SXGuy:

Basic PAYE Tools - warnings for previous years (10)

By MinimalDamage

09th Jul 2021 14:47

Thank you.
After a lot of thought (perhaps too much!) I also think submitting next month will be the easiest. The only reason I wanted to do it this way was because of this client as they are quite particular in how they like things done.

Oh, well. Maybe not this time.

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Replying to MinimalDamage:

Basic PAYE Tools - warnings for previous years (11)

By SXGuy

09th Jul 2021 15:03

(Video) Direct Anterior Approach Hip Replacement

Ah the ol client who likes things their way even if it's not the correct way. Yep you need to stamp that out now otherwise you'll be forever getting in a mess trying to please a client instead of making life easier

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Basic PAYE Tools - warnings for previous years (12)

By Paul Crowley

09th Jul 2021 14:39

No decent agent uses HMRC freeware or indeed any freeware
Seems to me you got what you paid for

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Basic PAYE Tools - warnings for previous years (13)

By Hugo Fair

09th Jul 2021 15:27

Forgetting for a minute the capabilities of different payroll software packages ...
- What you are *meant* to do is to re-run the pay period (with the missing employee included) and submit a 'corrective FPS' (which will include data for all those previously submitted as well as the extra person);
- What you *can* do is to process the next pay period (with the missing employee as a starter and her/his missing pay from first period of employment included) and submit an FPS in the usual way.

The 'problem' with the 2nd method (which is what most people do) is that - unless your software does this for you automatically - you should first calculate the values for the new employee's missed pay period and then apply over-ride values in the first pay period that he/she is processed.
[This is because NICs / SLs / etc are not calculated on a YTD basis - and nor may be the Tax if employee tax code is on a Wk1/M1 basis].

Personally I would never use two different payroll systems to submit FPSs (or EPSs) for the same PAYE scheme in the same tax year - unless it was as part of a move from one system to another (which is an absolute pain and involves a major amount of work in order to avoid the kind of problems alluded to by others here).

One final point ... why did your client not inform you of the new starter in time for payroll processing? Or was the error at your end?
Either way, you need to use this example to review and improve the process/controls currently used for communicating changes from the client to yourselves.

Thanks (2)

Replying to Hugo Fair:

Basic PAYE Tools - warnings for previous years (14)

By MinimalDamage

09th Jul 2021 15:45

Thank you, I will do what I *can* do and correct the NI figures etc.

The client is aware of the dates when we run payroll, we send reminders and chase and they still submitted the info late - apparently it wasn’t the first time, but the first time when a new employee started and was missed off the payroll run. We have reviewed the processes, but I guess I will still need to take extra care when preparing their payroll.

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