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Are you in the middle of an applicationand you just learned that you will have to take a logical reasoning test?Never taken a test like this before?Does the test look difficult and scary?

You are not the only one.This test can seem overwhelming, due to all the complex problems it has.However, using our course materials will put you one step ahead of the game and make sure you score well.

Go a step further and get that boost that makes you stand out from the crowd. At Psychometriq we have created specific tests designed to improve your performance on the logical reasoning test.

Not sure what this evaluation is about?No problem, we explain everything below.

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What is the logical reasoningtest?

This test is avery difficult psychometricevaluation.It includes problems with puzzles and hypothetical situations to identify your intellectual development.

It is proven as one of the most effective evaluation methods, which is why it is implemented by governments, armies, hospitals, organizations, agencies and companies of all kinds.

It is also used by universities, especially in careers such as medicine and law, to select the best applicants.

Psychologists also utilize reasoning tests to measure IQ.The objective is to determine the mental acuity of each individual, through these difficult questions.

In other settings, it is used to assess cognitive development in children and identify early on talents. This helps parents provide better educational support for their child’s needs.

As a side note, some companies may request certain regulations and requirements for taking these tests prior to assessment so as to narrow down their applicant pool.

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The security forces also offer logical reasoning tests to help in their hiring process.Police, military, and government agents among othersmust have the highest intellectual standards and ability.

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Given the wide array of fields and occupations that require this test, it is essential that you have a lot of practice so that you can be taken as a serious candidate for the career you’re looking for.

Examples of the logical reasoning test online and in PDF

You canexploreour practice exams in a PDF format as well as on our website online. Both will be a valuable tool to helping you prepare and practice effectively and efficiently for your upcoming exam.

Below, we will mention some of the dynamics of the logical reasoning test to help you become familiar with the format:

-All logical reasoning tests follow the same structure, regardless of their complexity.They present tricky questions that require more deliberate and careful thinking.

-You will need to get familiar with the style of questions and their wordings.They often use ambiguous words and situations in order to identify how well you can break down the problem.

-Some logical tests use simple mathematical questions.The purpose is to determine your ability to carry out basic math operations and solve problems.

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-Logic is often misleading.The puzzles on the test often confuse test takers if they aren’t careful because the differences are often very minute.

-The options on the test are often very similar and they may also deliberately offer misleading information and answers to trick you.

Take our practice tests online

You might wonderwhyyou need to practice by using our course on the logical reasoning test.If you are still unsure if you need the extra practice to do well on this test, we offer some insight below that might change your mind:

– The question methodology and design of the tests are quite complex and our resources will help target and practice each of those aspects.

-Most applicants do not pend time practicing, and often get very low results.

-Our course practice will help you recognize similar questions and techniques which will help you acclimate to your real test much quicker.

-You will become familiar with the vocabulary and dynamics of the logical reasoning test.

-You will boost your confidence level and won’t be as stressed and worried about taking the test.

-You will learn time management so that you actually get the chance to get through the whole exam and review your answers as well.

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Puzzles on the logical reasoning test

The puzzles on thelogicalreasoning testare designed based on codes and sequences.All the answers are implicit in the questions.The assessment seeks to discover if you are capable to break down the question and the presented problem and identify your best option.

You can learn more about the test by downloading our examples and practices in a PDF format.There are a few points about the puzzles to consider:

-Sometimes the puzzles can are similar to be common riddles. For example, I have no siblings, but this man’s son is my father’s son.

-Logical reasoning problems may require selection, differentiation, and conclusion criteria.

-Some of the problems also present sequences of varied colors, sizes and shapes, in interrelated objects, where you have to do an assessment of the presented data, and identify the missing element that would continue the sequence.

Go one step further with our course and stand out from the crowd. At Psychometriq we have created specific tests designed to improve your performance on the logical reasoning test

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Questions on the logical reasoning test

All our examples on thelogicalreasoning testcome with both the questions and answers.However, you should remember to consider the following:

-Logical reasoning test questions often overwhelm applicants with misleading information.They try to trick the candidate into focusing on that wrong information and into choosing the wrong answer.

-Some of the statements and questions on the test are ambiguous and confusing.

-The test is made so that you won’t have enough time to finish all the questions unless you really know you way around the test and are well prepared.

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Answering questions on the logical reasoning test

To respond quickly and effectively on your test your will need to keep the following tips in mind:

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-Identify the purpose of the question and focus in on the details that are important to answering it.

-Trust your instincts.Changing your first answer usually turns out wrong.

-Analyze each question carefully.The first aspect they evaluate is your ability to understand and follow instructions.

-Don’t spend too much time on a question you can’t answer.

Logical reasoning test as a PDF

A printed PDF exam is an indispensable tool in helping you obtain a high score on your exam.

The format of this exam requires a lot of study and you may find yourself extremely confused, even you’ve done some practice before.

If you’re planning to take this test, our practice exams will be your best option to make sure you cover all your bases and can feel confident and prepared to obtain remarkable results and the position you’ve been looking for.

Still not sure about using our practice exams?Do you think this test will be difficult?Noproblem, we have answerstoall your questions.

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Why should you practice the logical reasoning test in a PDF format with an answer key?

Our logical reasoning practice tests in a PDF format will give you a very helpful understanding of what you will have on your actual test.

You will have a serious advantage over the other test-takers.

Being familiar with the question dynamics and language will give you plenty of time to analyze the questions.You will also feel more relaxed and prepared.

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How to answer questions on the logical reasoning test?

Surely you want to know how to approach answering the questions on the logical reasoning test.Including the tips provide above, also keep the following points in mind:

Be creative.Ingenuity is crucial to understanding the logical reasoning test since the questions are made to be tricky.

Focus only on the main purpose of the question.The options are designed to get you distract you and pick the wrong answer.

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Keep track of your time, and move at a steady pace so you can cover as many problems as possible.

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Tips for the logical reasoning test

The logical reasoning test is part of a package of psychometric evaluations, used by agencies to judge their candidates and select the most promising ones.

Your performance on the logical reasoning test is vital, and could even determine if you are accepted or not in the position for which your applying.Therefore, you need all the practice you can get to make sure you do well.

Understanding the logical reasoning test requires a lot of studying.Therefore, we have sometips belowthat could be of great help to you.

Go one step further with our course and stand out from the crowd. At Psychometriq we have created specific tests designed to improve your performance on the logical reasoning test

How to increase your performance when taking tests?

Logical reasoning tests are often the most challenging and complex for participants.Knowing how to approach problems will save you a lot of trouble as you are preparing and when taking your exam.

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Remember the following tips and you can ensure great results on your test:

Familiarize yourself with the vocabulary used in the questions so that you don’t waste precious time trying to understand what it is asking you.

Be attentive and try to identify what is being requested of you.

You might be given answers that must be adapted to the instructions in the paragraph. Find the relationships of the keywords.

Make sure you quickly look over your answers and make sure they make sense.

Move quickly but don’t get hasty.


Is there any free psychometric test? ›

Our free Personality psychometric test was designed to give you a brief experience of what one type of personality test questions look like. In our personality test package we offer all 4 types of full real personality tests used to assess your suitability for the job.

What is psychometric tests logical reasoning? ›

Logical reasoning tests are a type of psychometric test used to measure your problem-solving skills. They come in various forms, but all have the underlying purpose of assessing your logical aptitude and your ability to draw conclusions from a given set of information.

How do you pass the logical reasoning test? ›

Logical reasoning tips
  1. Familiarity is key. Logical reasoning tests can look very complex at first glance. ...
  2. Have a system. It's important to enter a question with a game-plan which you can initiate immediately. ...
  3. Don't spend your first moments looking at the answers. ...
  4. Practise thinking logically. ...
  5. Practice makes perfect.
Jan 17, 2023

What are the 3 types of psychometric assessments? ›

What Are the Different Types of Psychometric Test? As explained further below, there are essentially three categories: aptitude tests, skills tests and personality tests.

Where can I practice psychometric test? ›

The Institute of Psychometric Coaching offers practice psychometric tests online in the following areas:
  • Practice aptitude tests. Practice numerical reasoning tests. ...
  • Read more about our numerical reasoning test preparation. Practice verbal reasoning tests. ...
  • Read more about our verbal reasoning test preparation.

Is psychometric test difficult? ›

Psychometric Tests are created to challenge candidates - they're designed to be difficult. If you've been unsuccessful after this stage of the application process then don't be too hard on yourself.

How many questions are on a psychometric test? ›

The test consists of 10 questions.

What does it mean if you fail a psychometric test? ›

A psychometric test is not something that you can fail. There are no right or wrong answers, it's just a chance to let a potential employer know more about who you are as a person and what motivates you.

How do you get a high score on a psychometric test? ›

Prepare for a psychometric test
  1. get familiar with the types of questions employers may ask.
  2. overcome your nerves.
  3. work out how much time you're likely to have on each question so you can pace yourself.
  4. learn tips to make sure you perform at your best.

Can you fail a psychometric? ›

Candidates should be ready to spend several weeks in preparation for psychometric tests, as the most common reason for failure is lack of preparation. Having a regular study and practice routine and good study materials is key, as well as taking practice tests to ensure you are prepared for the “real thing”.

What do employers look for in a psychometric test? ›

Psychometric testing is a variety of tools and tests which measure the candidate's long-term potential, personality and cognitive abilities and it looks at their behaviour patterns. Essentially, when hiring a candidate the traditional way, one may just look at experience, references and credentials.

What is a good score on a logical reasoning test? ›

The passing score of this test varies based on test providers and companies, but an average passing score is 70% for most Logical Reasoning tests. However, recruiters only notice the best performers for a position. Therefore, a good score for Logical Reasoning test is 80%.

What are the 4 types of reasoning? ›

Four types of reasoning will be our focus here: deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, abductive reasoning and reasoning by analogy.

What kind of questions are asked in logical reasoning? ›

List of Topics under the Logical Reasoning Section
  • Alphanumeric series.
  • Reasoning Analogies.
  • Artificial Language.
  • Blood Relations.
  • Calendars.
  • Cause and Effect.
  • Clocks.
  • Coding-Decoding.
May 13, 2020

What questions are asked in a psychometric test? ›

Sample Questions to Help You Prepare for a Psychometric Test
  • Numerical reasoning. When it comes to numerical reasoning, this test is set to measure your ability to interpret data. ...
  • Verbal reasoning. ...
  • Abstract reasoning. ...
  • Critical thinking. ...
  • Situational judgement. ...
  • Deductive reasoning. ...
  • Mechanical reasoning. ...
  • Error checking.
May 30, 2022

How much does a psychometric test cost? ›

Online Psychometric Assessment Test at Rs 2500.00/person | psychometric testing work, साइकोमेट्रिक टेस्टिंग सर्विस, साइकोमेट्रिक परीक्षण सेवाएं | new items - Students Destination , New Delhi | ID: 12680601730.

What is the best psychometric test online? ›

In this post, we will rank the 10 best psychometric tests available online.
7 Best Psychometric Tests: Executive Summary
  • Pathfinder.
  • Myer-Briggs Type Indicator.
  • 16Personalities.com.
  • PracticeAptitudeTests.com.
  • PsychometricTest.org.uk.
  • JobTestPrep.co.uk.
  • MindTime.
Apr 25, 2022

Can you study for psychometric testing? ›

Whilst you cannot study for psychometric tests, you can practice psychometric testing to get an idea of what to expect. Below are several links to commonly used psychometric tests: Assessment Day - practice psychometric tests. Cubiks - practice verbal and numerical reasoning tests.

How long does it take to complete a psychometric test? ›

How Long Does a Psychometric Test Take? In the general scheme of things, psychometric tests are often quite short and can take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. There are some psychometric tests, however, that will take more time to complete.

What are the two main types of psychometric tests? ›

Types of psychometric testing

There are two main types: personality tests and aptitude tests. Personality tests explore your interests, values and motivations, analysing how your character fits with the role and organisation. They analyse your emotions, behaviours and relationships in a variety of situations.

Is psychometric test same as IQ test? ›

Psychometric tests attempt to assess someone's ability to perform certain functions and tasks. Really, psychometric tests are a form of IQ test. There are many different types of psychometric tests in use today, all of which attempt to assess a different type of intelligence.

Do psychometric tests measure IQ? ›

Aptitude tests are a fundamental component of a psychometric test. They attempt to measure trait intelligence (IQ) and cognitive ability, which is indicated by your efficiency in information processing.

Can you still get hired if you fail an assessment test? ›

Yes you can still get the job. If you failed the assessment, You should ask for a lower position , learn all that you can and move your way up. A lot of managers started as janitors or cashiers.

What is an example of a psychometric test? ›

Psychometric assessments may include an aptitude test, a personality test, a situational judgement test (SJT), in-tray exercises, group exercises, role-playing exercises, and interviews.

Why are psychometric tests so hard? ›

Psychometric tests are often taken under timed conditions, so there is little time to consult with others or become distracted from your thought process. Working in this way you will likely not answer enough questions to pass the assessment.

What is the hardest psychometric test? ›

Verbal reasoning test: trickiest question

It requires the clinician to be aware of the available external evidence and to critically appraise it and apply it correctly in their own practice with patients.

What is the best time to take psychometric test? ›

Contrary to the common belief that candidates should complete assessments earlier in the morning, our research findings suggest that later, after working hours (5pm – 10 pm) completion might be more conducive to better performance.

What stage of an interview is the psychometric test? ›

Psychometric tests can be used at different stages of the selection process: As a first step, to narrow the field when there are large numbers of applicants. This could be as part of an online application. If you do well in the tests, you'll be invited to an interview.

What is the hardest logical reasoning question type? ›

Parallel reasoning questions are tricky for a few reasons: They are generally way longer than other LSAT Logical Reasoning questions. They can take up a lot of time if not approached correctly; and students have a tough time figuring out what features of the argument need to be similar.

Is logical reasoning IQ? ›

Logical reasoning tests are very similar to IQ-tests. In general, to solve them you don't need any specific skills. The majority of tasks use shapes, sequences, and patterns and can also be called diagrammatic reasoning or spatial reasoning tests.

Is a logic test an IQ test? ›

Do you have a knack for numbers? This test is designed to test your logic and mathematical IQ. It will assess your ability to logically discern numerical patterns and to apply them to new contexts, to complete numerical computations and to solve geometrical, mathematical and logic word problems.

What are the 7 forms of logical thinking? ›

7 types of reasoning
  • Deductive reasoning. Deductive reasoning is a type of reasoning that uses formal logic and observations to prove a theory or hypothesis. ...
  • Inductive reasoning. ...
  • Analogical reasoning. ...
  • Abductive reasoning. ...
  • Cause-and-effect reasoning. ...
  • Critical thinking. ...
  • Decompositional reasoning.
Jun 1, 2021

How can I improve my reasoning skills? ›

Many games like chess, checkers, strategic games, scrabble, Rubik cube, wordplay, etc., which require high concentration and thinking skills enhance the quality of reasoning and make a person more tactful. Card games are also pretty useful to promote cognitive thinking.

What are the 8 elements of reasoning? ›

The critical thinking framework includes eight elements of thought: purpose, question at issue, information, inferences, concepts, assumptions, implications, and point of view.

How many questions are on the logical reasoning test? ›

The logical reasoning questions are designed to test your ability to analyze, evaluate, and complete arguments. There are roughly 25 questions per logical reasoning section. As with every LSAT section, you have 35 minutes to complete the section.

What are the three types of logical reasoning? ›

Three methods of reasoning are the deductive, inductive, and abductive approaches. In this example, it is a logical necessity that 2x + y equals 9; 2x + y must equal 9.

What are the five types of logic? ›

Types of Logic
  • Informal logic.
  • Formal logic.
  • Symbolic logic.
  • Mathematical logic.
Jun 24, 2021

What is the best personality test for free? ›

Free Personality Tests
  • Crystal.
  • 123Test.
  • Truity Career Personality Profiler.
  • Interpersonal Skills assessment.
  • Sokanu.
  • Berkeley Emotional Intelligence.
  • VeryWellMind.
  • Empathy Quotient.
Nov 24, 2022

What are the best free aptitude tests? ›

Best Free Career Tests
  • 123test – Career Aptitude Test.
  • My Next Move – O*NET Interest Profiler.
  • Truity – Career Personality Profiler.
  • Career Explorer by Sokanu – Career Test.
  • Career Fitter – Career Test.
  • The Princeton Review – Career Quiz.
  • Career One Stop – Interest Assessment.
  • Your Free Career Test – Free Career Test.

Which is the best psychometric test? ›

Top 5 Psychometric Assessments used for Recruitment
  • Personality Profiling Questionnaire Identity®
  • SHL Scenarios Situational Judgement Test.
  • OPQ Leadership Report Management Level.
  • Verbal Reasoning Test.
  • Numerical Reasoning Test.
Nov 3, 2022

What is the 4 rarest personality type? ›

The INTJ – Fourth Rarest MBTI Type.

What is the Big 5 personality test? ›

The Big Five evaluates personality by measuring—as the name suggests—five personality traits: openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism, each on a continuous scale.

What are the 4 types of personality test? ›

Below we dive into four common models used to determine personality types: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), 16 Personalities, The Big 5 and Type A, B, C and D Personalities.

How do I prepare for a psychometric test? ›

Make sure you are well rested and try to take decent breaks in between aptitude tests to ensure you regain your energy.
  1. Get to know the types of aptitude test questions. ...
  2. Practice the Psychometric Tests online. ...
  3. Find out the type of Psychometric Test questions you need to practice. ...
  4. Plan your time and set milestones.

Where can I find free aptitude test? ›

Free Aptitude Tests Online - Aptitude-Test.com.

Which website is best for aptitude and reasoning? ›

IndiaBIX is a popular website among students. It has extremely helpful content for aptitude preparation. Students preparing for government entrance exams will find relevant content on IndiaBIX. IndiaBIX has sections on General Aptitude, Verbal and Logical Reasoning, Current Affairs, General Knowledge, Puzzles, etc.

What is the most famous aptitude test? ›

10 Best Career Aptitude Tests in 2023
  • Career Hunter. ...
  • MAPP. ...
  • Career Explorer. ...
  • Princeton Review. ...
  • My Plan Career Assessment. ...
  • 123 Career Test. ...
  • Buzzfeed. ...
  • Keirsey Temperament. The Keirsey Temperament test is the test if you want to better understand your personality and temperament type.


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